Rust: ownership

Rust is a system oriented language developed at Mozilla and focusing on memory safety. It is a truly excellent language with excellent tooling (cargo, rustup) and a large number of available libraries (crates) provided by the community.

A main feature of Rust is the concept of ownership. This can actually be quite a difficult concept to grasp when working with Rust for the first time, and the compiler will most likely refuse a lot of code you write on the first time for some obscure reasons.

Docker containers in systemd

Docker containers are an easy way to install and start a service on a machine without having to mess with packages and installation. But if your goal is to use them as such, you may want to treat them as services. This would avoid the container going down and not restarting (happened to me with this blog, it’s not a nice thing. Oops.)

Rack, foundation of Ruby on the web

If you do web applications with Ruby, you surely have used Rails. You may also have used some other projects like Sinatra or Cuba.

If you look closer, you will notice that all these projects have a common component: Rack.